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  2. 0rder in store & carry out, phone order and Online order are all still welcome

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We are Hiring Now

(send your information to www.sushiichiban2018@yahoo.com)

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Due the city construction of the road and inconvenience cause, (for call-in/online order at this website / in-stall)  


1 FREE can soda for purchase main dish more then $8+

2 FREE can sodas for purchase 2 main dishes & more than $16+ 

COVID-19 provisions:

we wish to provide a clean and virus free restaurant for our customers.

With the help of  a former Indoor Air Quality Engineer, we implemented the following provisions,  we stayed open throughout the whole pandemic and successfully keep  our worker and our customers as healthy as usual.

- Tables to tables  6ft separation &

- Additional clear seperation

- Hand sanitizers in dining areas & Cashier

(all fortified, so make sure it should have 65% of alcohol)

-Air cleaners (x4) with HEPA filter, 99.97% ,0.3micro

-UV-C air sterilizer

-Every night the whole restaurant will  disinfected by Ozone-sterilizer


 Enjoy the taste of sushi.

619 S Wright Street, Champagin IL 61820

Tel: 217-954-0493

General Store Hours:   11:00 am to 9:30 pm

**(Special hours) during Summer/CoVID-19 pandemic

11:30am to 8:30pm

Monday- Close 1 day

(re-stock inventory)

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