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**We don't have delivery

make sure, before placing

Online orders, Thank you!

Order over the phone 217-954-0493, or  use

the Online ordering - please use only this website

(Pay in the store)


Business hours

Summer Holiday Special Hours 

(Today  open at 11:00  but close at 8:30 pm)

Mon - Close a day

Tues -Fri  11:00am to 9:30pm

Sat - Sun 11:30 to 9:30pm

**hours may be change**
**slow business we will close earlier**

~ Using  delivery company to delivery your food~


In view of the increase of customer using delivery company to get their food, we wish to remind customer be aware of the followings:

  1.  We didn't work with any this kind of delivery company.

  2.  They have their own menu and price, our discount, combo, soda treats will no be the same in their menu.

  3.  We will not mark up our price, we will sell straight forward in according to how they placed the order from us or how they charged you, because even we give our discount or any special due, it will not be able to reflected in their price in which they charged you.

Why pay extra for sushi?
Why pay extra for an additional Sushi Chief ($5xxx.xx a month)?
Sushi is overpriced now, that's the reason everyone wants to sell Sushi.
Don't believe the myth, don't paid for all the extras, sushi is not only raw fish.
Why pay a lot for cooked food like the California roll?

10 years of business in Campus Town
Guarantee Fresh!, causal, and affordable!
Enjoy the taste of sushi.

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