To prevent waiting   we are now welcome early orders

place an order any time (on the same day)

and pickup any time of the stall hours

Dining in available

order over the phone


Online order-use this website only

(Pay in the store)

Business hours ( Spring semester)

Tuesday - Friday  11am -9:30pm

Sat -Sun 11am -9:30pm

Monday - Close

*** due to the contiinously cooking oil price  increasing (150% now) some restaurant already stop selling or increase the price for deep fry related food or appetizer,  we will keep supply the deep fry items as the same price as long as possible, Thank you for you patron.

~Free drink~

we wish to keep the free soda treats for  all  customers that order over the phone, order in this web or order in-stall for one more season  until spring.

1 FREE can soda for purchase a main dish more then $9+

2 FREE can sodas for purchase 2 main dishes & more than $18+ 

~ using  delivery company  to delivery your food~

In view of the increase of customer using delivery company to get their food, we wish to remind customer be aware of the followings:

1. We didn't work with any of this kind of company (e.g. postmate, uber eat, streetcarrier etc..)

2. They have their own menu and price, our discount, combo, soda treats will no be the same in their menu.

3.  We will not mark up our price, we will sell straight forward in according to how they placed the order from us or how they charged you, because even we give our discount or any special it will still not be able to reflected in their price in which they charged you.

~COVID-19 provisions and facts~

we wish to provide a clean and virus free restaurant for our customers.

With the help of  a former Indoor Air Quality Engineer, we implemented the following provisions,  we stayed open throughout the whole pandemic and successfully keep  our worker and our customers as healthy as usual.

- Tables to tables  6ft separation &

- Additional clear separation

- Hand sanitizers in dining areas & Cashier

-Air cleaners (x4) with HEPA filter, 99.97% ,0.3micro

-UV-C air sterilizer

-Every night the whole restaurant will  disinfected by Ozone-sterilizer


*(According to the latest scientific information , COVID-19 is spread mainly from people to people by air to our respiratory system and contact to our eyes which can goes to our body and no recorded case it is from food to people through digesting system. cover mouth help stop spreading, cover the nose help being infected, stay healthy)

- We suggest customers avoid rubbing eyes or touching face after touched any surface like door handle or faucet handle etc.. and  always use hand sanitizer as we have provided in different location in our dining area and counter.




Why you need to pay extra for sushi?

why you pay extra for a additional Sushi Chief ($5xxx.xx a month)

sushi is overpriced now, that's the reason everyone want to sell Sushi

don't believe the myth, don't paid for all the extras

sushi is not only raw fish, why you pay so much for cooked food like California roll.

10 years of business in Campus Town

Guarantee Fresh!, causal, affordable!

Enjoy the taste of sushi.