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We don't have delivery

make sure, before placing

Online orders, Thank you!

Order over the phone 217-954-0493, or  use

the Online ordering - please use only this website

(Pay in the store)

**Summer time** Special hours


Sunday  -  close

Mon to Fri - 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sat - 11:30am to 9:00pm


**Attention to business hour**

please check this website for updates.

(Google map won't able to show our correct business hours)

***Provision of winter against RSV, COVID and Flu,****

We dislike packing you and other customers together,

Our restaurant is always provides a

screen barrier and good distance between tables

 air movement and sanitizing air with high ceiling headroom

Your health is our concern! enjoy our food and dining in healthy!

(recent findings, high transmission of COVID may related to,  air movement,

size of enclosure, cleanliness of air, distancing etc...)

Why pay extra for sushi?
We are a family business
Why pay extra for an additional Sushi Chief (
$5xxx.xx a month)?

Sushi is overpriced now, that's the reason everyone wants to sell Sushi.
Don't believe the myth, don't paid for all the extras, sushi is not only raw fish.
Why pay a lot for cooked food like the California roll?

14 years of business in Campus Town
Guarantee Fresh!, causal, and affordable!
Enjoy the taste of sushi.

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