since side alley already open after construction, if customer want to stop there we strongly recommend to have a driver stay in the car  ( parking is not suitable )

Using E Springfield Ave:

turn into S 6th St.

find a parking meter at  s 6th St.

customers can walk to the  restaurant from the side alley

turn to the side alley or use E Green st. and  turn to  S Wright st as below

Using E Green St:

turn to S Wright St , there are some parking meters on your  RIGHT & LEFT handside,


use  E Healey St turn to S 6th St. and follow the above and find a parking location

619 S Wright Street, Champagin IL 61820

Tel: 217-954-0493

General Store Hours:   11:00 am to 9:30pm

*(stall hours may change due to holidays or slow business)



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