Part Time / Full Time

                              New Semester are welcome!


about COVID -19,  We are a self-Serving restaurant,  we don't need to serve the customers as compare to other restaurant, unnecessary contact will greatly reduced.

We have air-cleaners and UV-C sterilizers in operation all the time to reduce the chance of cross infection, We keep open throughout since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we could not guarantee all these are enough but so far  we have no one get infected because of working in here.

But all workers are required to wear a face mask, no cloth mask, at least a 3 layers  face mask  (if you don't have your own, we can provide to you)

washing hand and  using hand sanitizer are  recommended.

   We are now hiring new workers for the New Semester. No matter, Full-Time,  Part-Time, you wish to earn some extra, or pay for the rent, from a few hours to more then 35 hours a week are also welcome (because 75% of our workers are part-time,)

   It doesn't mater if you don't have any restaurant experience or you are not a skillful worker, shy or outgoing, only if you are responsible, and willing to learn, then you are good. Don't hesitate, come and pickup a form, fill it, and return it to us. (On Job-Training will be given)

   Do the application now and prepare for the Next Semester, before it is too late when the next semester starts.   

get an application in our stall or send your information to www.sushiichiban2018@yahoo.com

          Flexible hours

                      from 5hrs/week to 30hrs/week

                            weekdays / weekends
                              afternoon / at night

      Store Assistance

        Food Preparation

      All positions

619 S Wright Street, Champagin IL 61820

Tel: 217-954-0493

General Store Hours:   11:00 am to 9:30pm

*(stall may close 30minutes earlier if no business)



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